Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker

Watch Kirsty telling stories!

Watch Kirsty telling a number of stories recorded during lockdown in 2020. 


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Kirsty tells a selection of Greek folk tales - first shown on the World Storytelling Cafe - 45 minutes

Kirsty tells stories of Heroines from around the world - first shown on Somerset Storyfest 5 June 2020 - 45 minutes

Kirsty tells The Firebird, a Russian folk tale - first shown on Faerie & Fae World (UK) 30 June 2020 - 20 minutes

Kirsty tells The White Cat, a French fairy tale - first shown on Faerie & Fae World (UK) 17 June 2020  - 20 minutes

Kirsty tells Mickey and the Trees, adapted from a Romanian folk tale - first shown on Faerie & Fae World (UK)  - 20 minutes


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