Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller and writer
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller and writer


Kirsty is available for booking for talks. Having written four successful books of folk tales, she has lots of tales to tell about her research into county folklore. When researching the folk and ghost tale books, she visited all the locations of the stories, and delved deep into their history, both legendary and factual. She also draws on her knowledge of the area and the Arts and Crafts Movement to create fascinating art historical talks. 


She currently offers talks on the following subjects:


NEW! Christmas Ghosts: the Tradition of Winter Tales in Gloucestershire and beyond

We've told supernatural tales at midwinter for a very long time. This talk goes back to the earliest winter tales, comes up through the Victorians revisiting of the tradition, and up to the present day, with a focus on Gloucestershire's own midwinter stories.


NEW! Arts and Crafts Movement First World War Memorials in Gloucestershire

Discover the stories behind Gloucestershire's unusual concentration of war memorials by Arts and Crafts Movement designers such as Ernest Gimson, Sidney Barnsley, F L Griggs and Henry Wilson. 


NEW! The Arts and Crafts Movement in Gloucestershire's churches

The Arts and Crafts Movement made a big impact on the county's churches - from church building to stained glass, from woodcarving to conservation, this talk explores the impact of makers from William Morris, through the Guild of Handicraft, Gimson and the Barnsleys, Christopher Whall, to 20th century artists such as Edward Payne who worked in the tradition.


Enchanted Cotswold Country: John Drinkwater and the Arts and Crafts Movement

Dymock poet John Drinkwater had links with the Arts and Crafts Movement from his early days in Birmingham, through to his time living in Far Oakridge, near Stroud, during the First World War.


Ghosts in the Stones: Supernatural Tales in Gloucestershire

The spirits of history are lurking out there in the countryside and hidden in the buildings of the towns and cities of Gloucestershire. This talk explores some of the country's spooks, and the stories and histories behind them.


The Fairies of Hackpen Hill and other Wiltshire Folk Tales

This talk looks at a selection of folk tale collectors over the centuries in Wiltshire, including Geoffrey of Monmouth, John Aubrey and Alfred Williams, and how their stories have evolved over time - and how we can tell them today.


Suffolk's Saxon Stories

A talk exploring the folk lore that's grown up around some of Suffolk's most famous Saxon residents, such as St Edmund and King Raedwald, the miraculous adventures (before and after death) of Suffolk's saints, and other, less well known Saxon stories.


Fairys, Shucks and Dragons: the fabulous in Suffolk's folk tales

Suffolk has an unsually large number of fairy folk (green and otherwise) and black dogs ... and just the one dragon. This talk explores a number of the fantastical creatures that haunt Suffolk's land- and townscapes.


Kirsty is currently engaged in new research, so watch this space for new talks. Please use the form to contact Kirsty to discuss your requirements, she is happy to tailor her talks to your needs within the areas of folklore and tales and art history.

As a curator at The Wilson, Cheltenham's art gallery and museum she also offers a number of talks relating to the collections at the museum, including:


The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Cotswolds

Emery Walker and the Private Press Movement

May Morris: William Morris's talented daughter

Gimson, the Barnsleys and their associates

Arts and Crafts Movement embroidery

Delighting in the Countryside: Gloucestershire's Arts and Crafts Movement artists

Quilts and Quilting in the Collection of The Wilson, Cheltenham

Pioneering Potteries of Gloucestershire

Real or Fake? A Pewter Controversy 

Ceramics from China

A Beautiful Book: William Morris's Kelmscott Chaucer

Perfect Parian: a Victorian ceramic sensation


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