Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker

Shows: Museums and Heritage sites

As well as being a storyteller and writer, Kirsty is an experienced museum curator. She has worked in the heritage industry for more than 20 years. She cut her heritage teeth in museum education, working primarily with school groups and families. She offers a range of shows for heritage sites and museums, and also offers a bespoke service catering to the museum or heritage sites own requirements.


The Ages of Britain


A series of three shows using a mix of traditional stories, history, archaeology and science tailored to the history and geology of your area, digging deep into the past and answering to the needs of the National Curriculum for Primary history.


'Excellent, engaging and enjoyed by all - a lovely way for visitors to experience the collections' Museum in the Park, Stroud

Image © Kirsty Hartsiotis

Sea Dragons and Devil’s Toenails


Storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis dives into the prehistoric seas and lands around Britain to tell tales of the fantastical creatures that lived here before us and reveals the tall stories that people have created about them over the centuries.  From the Loch Ness monster to petrified snakes what creatures are lurking there beneath our feet?

Image © Kirsty Hartsiotis

Stone, Bronze and Iron


Storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis will take you on a journey from Brutus the founder of Britain to how Stonehenge was built, to discover the legendary tales behind this island’s earliest origins, find out about the people who made the barrows and standing stones that still litter our landscape, and see what happened when the Romans came. 

Image © Kirsty Hartsiotis

The Making of England


Storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis will take you deep into the Dark Ages, with heroic tales of England's earliest legendary history from King Arthur, to the miracles of the first Christains saints, to Saxon outlaws and the ghosts of the kings, queens - and ordinary people who shaped the land in which we live.


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