Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller and writer
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller and writer

Shows: Family audiences

Kirsty has worked with a number of clients to create fun-filled family shows. She can work with you to create a show for your events theme, whether its butterflys, beavers, or British heroes! 


Kirsty's repertoire of family shows includes:


Glass Stories: Traditional tales inspired by ice and glass brought to life by storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis. 


Butterfly Tales: All things fluttering and buzzing with butterfly and bee tales from around the world 


Medieval Tales: the fantastical legends and tales told in Britain's medieval castle, with knights, princesses, dragons and more


Raining Cats and Dogs: discover the fun-filled tales of our feline friends and canine companions!


Back from the Brink: Celebrating the reintroduction of beavers and cranes to the British landscape 


Stories of the Stones: the legends behind the South West's many standing stones, starting at the Weddings of Stanton Drew and wheeling round to the Wandering Winblestone


Winter Tales: a journey into the dark forests and snowy landscapes of Northern Europe from Masha and the Bear to the Firebird 


Teddy Bears Picnic: trip the animal fantastic with tales of adventurous bears from all around the globe


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