Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker

Suffolk Folk Tales

Suffolk Folk Tales by Kirsty Hartsiotis (The History Press, 2013)


With its wild eroding sea, its gentle rolling fields and tall churches, Suffolk is a county of contrasts. It may seem a kindly and civilised place, but in that sea, in the reed beds, the woods and even down dark town streets lurk strange beasts, ghosts and tricksters. These thirty traditional tales retold by storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis take you into a hidden world of green children and wildmen, of lovers from beyond the grave and tricksy fairy folk.


Shaped by generations of Suffolk mardle and wit, in these stories you’ll discover the county’s last dragon, the secret behind Black Shuck, saintly King Edmund and heroic King Raedwald, haunted airfields, broken-hearted mermaids and the exploits of the county’s cunning folk. Embark on this journey around Suffolk and you’ll find you’re never far from a story. 


What readers have said about the book:


'This gem of a book is a precious jewel forged in the fires of all that was good about past times.'


'I thoroughly enjoyed these thirty tales. They are all well told, entertaining and moving. They are the kind of tale that begs to be read aloud.'


'Have live in Suffolk all my life and the tales bring back many memories. The book is well presented, well written and very interesting.'


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