Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker

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Ballad Tales, ed. Kevan Manwaring (History Press, 2017)


A ballad is a song that tells a story and many traditional British ballads contain fascinating stories – tales of love and jealousy, murder and mystery, the supernatural and the historical. This anthology brings together nineteen original retellings in short story form, written by some of the country’s most accomplished storytellers, singers and wordsmiths - including Kirsty!


Here you will find tales of cross-dressing heroines, lusty pirates, vengeful fairy queens, mobsters and monsters, mermaids and starmen – stories that dance with the form and flavour of these narrative folksongs in daring and delightful ways.


Buy it here.


The Anthology of English Folk Tales (History Press, 2016)


Kirsty has two stories featured in this enchanting collection of stories, which gathers together folk tales from across England in one special volume. Drawn from The History Press’ popular Folk Tales series, herein lies a treasure trove of tales from a wealth of talented storytellers performing in the country today, including prominent figures Taffy Thomas MBE, Hugh Lupton and Helen East. From hidden chapels and murderous vicars to travelling fiddlers and magical shape-shifters, this book celebrates the distinct character of England’s different customs, beliefs and dialects, and is a treat for all who enjoy a good yarn.


Buy it here.


An Ecobardic Manifesto by Fire Springs (Awen Publications, 2008)


This twenty-two page booklet addressed the question “what is the purpose of the arts in an age of global crisis?” In offering an answer it presents an audacious vision for the arts that holds together commitment to artistic integrity and craft with responsiveness to the challenges of our time. Foremost among those challenges are the strained relationship between human beings and the ecosystem we inhabit, and the vital need to elicit sympathy for that which is not ourselves. The booklet is a clarion call to everyone working in the arts today who wants their efforts to make a difference.


Read an updated version of the Manifesto here.

Arthur’s Dream by Fire Springs (Abaris Records, 2002)


A fresh version of Britain’s greatest story – the epic of King Arthur, from his conception in sorcerous lust to his final battle and betrayal – all encompassed by the secret cave where Arthur sleeps, waiting to return. Double CD, 2 hours (18 stories). Recorded and engineered at Hillside Studios.


£10 for a double cd. Contact me to buy. 


Kirsty has written many articles for a diverse range of publications, from the Decorative Arts Society to the Dymock Poets and Friends journal. As a curator in Cheltenham, she has a regular column in the Gloucestershire Echo. 


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