Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker

Fire Springs shows

Fire Springs shows take two main forms - epics combining a series of tales into a single main story, and medleys weaving stories around a central unifying theme. 


Fire Springs' company members have performed throughout Britain and abroad. We have appeared in theatres, museums, schools, churches and pubs, at festivals, camps, gatherings, and for secular and spiritual communities.


Here are a selection of our shows: 

Dark Age Deeds of the Celtic Saints

Celtic saints carried the torch of civilisation in an age of darkness, faced monsters and kings, and ploughed the waves in search of earthly paradise.

Arthur’s Dream

A fresh version of Britain’s greatest story – the epic of King Arthur, from his conception in sorcerous lust to his final battle and betrayal – all encompassed by the secret cave where Arthur sleeps, waiting to return.  


Listen below to a track from the 2002 Arthur's Dream album:  

Pilgrims of Love

Tales of love, laughter, and cunning from Andalucia and Provence, tales that tell of Muslims and Christians finding love across the boundaries.

Return to Arcadia

A goddess abducted, a land made desolate, a love that conquers death – ancient Greek mystery myth combined with modern travellers’ tales.  

Robin of the Wildwood

An ecobardic reworking of the legend of Robin Hood – from the heart of the wildwood comes a champion of freedom, a guardian of the trees.   

Tales from the Saxon Shores

Wandering, longing, love and doom from the Dark Ages, all drawn from history and legend in a meandering journey through Celtic, Saxon and Norse tales and poetry.

Voices from the Past

Adventurers and explorers return from the tomb of history, torn through time to tell, in person, their own true tales of discovery.  


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