Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller, writer, speaker

About Kirsty

Kirsty Hartsiotis is a Gloucestershire-based storyteller, writer and speaker. She has been telling stories to adults and children of all ages professionally since 2000.  She came to storytelling with a lifelong love of stories and history, and a background in drama, heritage and education.  She has performed in theatres, bookshops, festivals, woods, castles, museums, schools, art centres, outdoor events, gatherings, sacred spaces, parties, libraries and cafes all around the country.


Kirsty combines her storytelling with writing and lecturing. Specialising in folk tales, she is the author of the following collections of stories: Wiltshire Folk Tales (2011), Suffolk Folk Tales (2013), Gloucestershire Ghost Tales with Anthony Nanson (2015), and Suffolk Ghost Tales with Cherry Wilkinson (2017), Gloucestershire Folk Tales for Children with Anthony Nanson (2020), and is a contributor to Ballad Tales ed. Kevan Manwaring (2017) and The Anthology of English Folk Tales (2017). She also writes for Cotswold Life, the Gloucestershire Echo and for other academic and museum journals. She also gives talks on fine and decorative art, and on folklore. 


Kirsty is available to perform in theatres, schools, outdoor events, heritage sites and museums, festivals, WIs and other groups and at informal private events.


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