Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller and writer
Kirsty Hartsiotis: storyteller and writer

Shows: Folk Tales! Local stories from local places, Britain and beyond

Kirsty is an acclaimed writer and teller of folk tales, with a deep understanding of folklore and tales from Britain and beyond, and she offers a selection of exciting shows for adults and older children that draw on her expertise and passion for these tales:

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Ghostly Tales of Gloucestershire


Whether it’s white ladies or old ladies, monks or miners, blacksmiths or beggars, horses or hounds, priests or poltergeists, unwilling brides or all too willing femmes fatales, Gloucestershire’s hidden places are seething with spooks.


Fire Springs storytellers Anthony Nanson and Kirsty Hartsiotis tell a spooky selection of the county’s creepiest ghost stories. You won’t look at Gloucestershire’s towns and landscapes the same way again, especially after dark...



Image © Katherine Soutar

The Green Girl - and other Suffolk Tales


You're never far from a story in Suffolk. It may seem a kindly and civilised place, but away from gentle rolling fields - in the wild eroding sea, in the waving reed beds, the tangled woods and even down dark town streets lurk strange beasts, ghosts and tricksters.  Her stories shaped by generations of Suffolk mardle and wit, storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis will take you into a hidden world of green children and wild men, tell the secret of Black Shuck and the romantic tale of the county's last dragon in this show, proving you're never far from a story in Suffolk. 


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The Dancing Stones - and other Wiltshire Tales


Lively and entertaining folk tales from one of Britain's most ancient counties vividly told by local storyteller Kirsty Hartsiotis. From the Giant's Dance to the famous Moonrakers, no stone is left unturned to discover the county’s roots. Kirsty’s fascination with the tales shines through her telling. Discover Merlin's trickery, King Alfred’s bravery, dabchicks and the devil ... and, if you dare, the ravenous maggot of Little Langford. These tales bring alive the landscape, ancient and modern and the personalities that haunt the county from Swindon to Salisbury and beyond.

Image © Kirsty Hartsiotis

Greek Tales - Travellers in Arcadia


Weaving together modern folktales and ancient myths, from the heroes and gods of the past to the spirits and demons that haunt Greece's landscape today, storytellers Kirsty Hartsiotis and Anthony Nanson bring this beautiful and challenging land to life through an ever-changing mix of tales. They spice their storytelling with anecdotes from their extensive travels through the mythscape of the country from the Evrotas to the Aegean, from Mount Olympus to the Styx ravine.


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